“We have been using the E Witness Headcams since December 2009 when we purchased our first Two Units, we now have six Units in operation and have found them to be an invaluable resource to our Security and Surveillance Teams. With an extensive Surveillance System throughout the Club and surrounding Carpark Areas, the Headcams provide us the “missing piece” by having the Audio to complement the Headcam and Surveillance System Images. We have found them to assist in decrease the possibility of confrontation and have been widely accepted by our staff and patrons. The Video and Audio Quality is fantastic and the units have received positive comments from the Regulatory Authorities.”

Warwick Brown J.P.

Surveillance & Security Manager
Panthers World of Entertainment
Mulgoa Road
Penrith NSW 2750

“Police no longer need a witness to press charges because they now have eWitness”
Adam Toohey – eWitness Managing Director

“Our security team used the cameras for the first time on Thursday night; they reduced the number of incidents in the pub to none.”
Peter O’Rourke – Publican, Fitzroy Tavern, Tamworth, New South Wales

“..In the first month of using eWitness, the Police reportable incidents dropped from 28 to 1 “which is pleasing for me as a licensee and also to the local Police who don’t have to waste their resources”
Grant Norberry – Licensee, Warners Bay Hotel, Newcastle, New South Wales