Private Investigations.

Down Under Security Solutions provide the most qualified and experienced investigators available within Australia.

Some of our investigators have over 20 years experience in criminal investigation within the Crime Department of the Victoria Police Force, the National Crime Authority, Police Internal Affairs and more than 15 years experience within the private sector.

We provide technical expertise from ex RAAF officers proficient in electronics and counter surveillance measures. Our operatives are equipped with the latest high tech cameras and video systems for conducting covert and other surreptitious methods of recording information.

Our Investigators are proficient in aspects of surveillance investigations and are the most experienced available Australia wide at conducting surreptitious, discreet surveillance and inquiries where and whenever required. At Down Under security Solutions, we pride ourselves of performing the most discreet, professional, inconspicuous investigations available and in most cases we obtain the required information to complete all investigations.

Down Under Security Solutions provide the highest quality film and photography available. Our reports are comprehensive, to the point and contain all relevant information. And very importantly we obtain all information and results with complete adherence to the laws of Australia and comply with all legislation governing private investigations.

Sometimes surveillance is the only method available to obtain the truth and peace of mind. Our investigators follow and observe a subject using the latest techniques and advanced technology. They will remain in direct contact with you throughout any investigation.

Our investigators also use proven methods for covert surveillance and are renowned for getting a professional job done with a minimum of fuss and most importantly without detection or disclosure of private information. We also provide the most affordable surveillance and investigations available.

We can be contacted at any time.

Derek – 0414 766124  - ( Australia )

Scott – 0419 690370  - ( Australia )