Down Under Security Solutions are one of Australia’s largest suppliers of  the eWitness head cameras. The  eWitness head camera system provides amazing, unprecedented recording capability and has become a necessary tool in the security industry’s fight against anti-social behavior and assaults.

Police, Licensed Venues and Major Security Companies are all in agreement that the head camera  creates a safer work environment. It has become quite evident that besides deterring anti social behavior and other incidents, the cameras also provide the best available, undisputed quality recording of any incidents that do occur.

Down Under security Solutions are also distributors for the worlds best covert Law Enforcement Products. Our products are comprised of reliable Japanese components, including Sony, Hitachi, Samsung and Texas instruments. Our covert law enforcement products have already received high praise from all agencies currently using them.

D.U.S.S. is renowned for exceptional after sales service and our extremely affordable competitive prices. Our service and purchase prices cannot be matched by any other Australian distributor.